8 Magic Tips To Earn Money From Home With SEO, Links, Contents And Branding

Earn Money From HomeHave you dreamed to earn money from home, but have not found out what are the most important steps? Have you tried to find out the one and only key action you should execute? This article can give you real help.
A possibility to earn money from home is a result from a correctly understood idea of the sales funnel. So the answer is not one action, but a sales process, which includes several parts, at least SEO, Content, Links and Branding. When you think through this process, you will immediately raise the great content above the other parts.
But if the great content is hidden and the target audience has never met it, it does not help you a lot. So you need the contacts with the target group. And not only one, but several, because the repetition is important. Here the links and a good search engine ranking becomes into the picture. Before the people start to buy, they must have a good image about your site, the trust, which you must do with the branding, which is the image, which the target group, the market, has about the operation.

1. Find Blogs, They Are Interactive.

I told, that your site needs contacts and repetition, but it needs deep contacts. This mean, that you are able, and the others willing, to discuss about some specified topic. To change ideas, so to say. The blogs and their comment sections are great places to meet related marketers and to chat with them. The challenge is, that all of them, or you, are hunting the same thing, the related links.
However, you all are searching useful information for your try to earn money from home. So it is up to you, whether you will get the others to link to your site. You can use the referring blogs to write comments from Analytics or Twitter, for example.

2. How To Evaluate Your Links?

First, you must have a variety of links from different but related sources. The valuable links come from the sites or blogs, which have links from many high page rank sites, not necessarily those, which have lots of inbound links. On the top of a high page rank figure, also a high, actually small, Alexa figure is a guarantee of a valuable linking site. On the top of the key figures, including the number of the comments, you can create your own image about the quality of the site.

3. After You Have Found The Target Persons You Have To Make Friends With Them.

Now you must be personal and emotional. Use your feelings and be helpful. Actually, you have many means in use. You can follow them at Twitter, to comment their blog and blog comments, to ask something from them at the comment section, to comment a new content on their site, to help them or to give them a useful link. Note, that you have to give, before you can get.

4. But How To Get The Link?

To whom would you give a link? To your friend of course. To a person, who has helped you and who you appreciate. After you have helped them, invite them to make a review about your site, blog or post. You can also offer a guest post to them, if you feel it will fit well to their content. It is effective to contact them via several mediums, Twitter, Facebook or direct email and to do it regularly. You cannot stop the contacts after you have got the link.

5. Use Twitter To Network.

Twitter is a flow of tweets and if you have a lot of contacts, the flow is a big one. Do not so much try to sell something, but to get the contacts and to deepen them by sharing tips and links. This makes them to share your links also. You can use Tweetdeck to create multiple accounts. Search relevant lists with the keywords. You can use Facebook and Google plus in the same way. If you have many different businesses it is good to have different accounts for each.

6. Before You Can Be Effective, You Must Learn, Who Your Targets Are And What Are They Doing Online!

How can you get to know your prospects? Simply by reading their sites, blogs, Tweets or other social media posts. It is important to find out, which emotions run them and what they like. And around which themes or products these emotions run. This is important, because these people can form a very effective viral marketing group, because they feel that they are your friends, or almost.

7. If You Have An Opt In List, Use It.

Why these people signed in? Because you promised them to send regular and useful information. Send it every time you publish a new article or blog post and make sure you have the call to action in place.

8. How Important Are Stories?

I reveal it immediately; they are the bread and butter of all online marketing! Nobody wants to read a theoretical marketing jargon. People want stories, which the author tells in a personal way. According to my mind a working story must be simple, useful, concrete, surprising, new, personal, true and emotional. And it must include a clear promise, already in the title. It must be like a hit song, a reader likes it. When this happens, all doors are open.
The question is about the great content. This may be an old story to you, but it is true. The quality of the content is a crucial thing in all online marketing. Do not see the social posts as lower rank mediums and do not write rubbish to there. They are as important as are all other writings, which the target persons can see. Every single piece of content builds your brand and you never know to which part of the sales funnel a site visitor will land.