ASO Keyword Research Tips

ASO Keyword Research TipsApp Store Optimization (ASO) is just as simple as is, and it is a process of optimizing applications availability in any app stores by ASO Keyword Research. App store optimization plays a vital role in an application development. Popularity or accessibility of application keywords in the search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN, Bing, etc emphases download percentage of the application extensively.
This ASO Keyword Research is often considered as the final stage of an app development by developers, but this miscalculation has to be identified and its importance has to be from the beginning of an application development itself. Proper ASO Keyword Research team has to be maintained for accurate statistical report of the keywords.
The main reason behind this kind of research work in the facade of application construction is to ensure the maximum user friendly consistency of app search in app stores; at the same time competing a newly launched application in mobile application market around the world with previously launched applications is an another reason.

ASO Keyword Research

To accomplish ASO Keyword Research in mobile app market is a developing research area where the main reason behind maximum download is unknown. There are many ways or steps and methods which are being used by the application promoters or application developers. There are three main steps which are to be considered as effective and at the same time efficient usage of it.
Whatever project it can be, there should be proper set of research data in hand to precede the next stage of a project. Just with the handful of keywords used in the application description or as an application title, will not do any differences in app optimization process. Finding exact or particular keyword demand is more important. This can be achieved by getting proper and accurate keyword data. Below are the three main steps to be followed in the time of application development.

  • Identifying relevant keywords
  • Analyze competitor keyword
  • Getting keyword data

If above said steps are followed, there are higher significant factor of an Application Optimization in the mobile application market and these three steps are clearly described below for better involvement in the learning of ASO Keyword Research.

Identifying Relevant Keywords:

Finding relevant keywords to be used in an app is the first task to be performed in the ASO Keyword Research. As using a keyword which has high popularity ensures the high demand of the application directly. Making sure of targeting the unique set of customers enables the reason behind the product’s development.
For example, if the application developed is mainly to detect heart rate, then the basic and the most relevant keyword to be used is “Heart Beat Monitor”. Those particular words are used very common in the app stores. So when there is a search of a heart rate monitor, the app created will come in the top 15 list of search if these words are being used in search box. But at the same time, when keywords used in the application has no match then there won’t be in the top list and if searched, app result won’t be relevant.
Identifying Relevant Keywords to use in the applications are very important to increase the application download.

Analyze competitor keyword:

  1. If there is a concept of product launch in the world wide market, the first recognition will be by the competitors as all companies in the market are constantly working in the concept of sustaining their product’s demand. So analyzing keywords of the competitors is other criteria to utilize optimized popularity along with the competitors.
  2. In the concept of ASO Keyword Research, the searching will always start from the previously optimized results in this case it is determined by the previously sustained applications in the market. Proper understanding of the market is very important to analyze the level of acceptance of the application by the certain set of audience.
  3. Continuous tracking of the competitors updates is a very important thing to accomplish success. To identify the keywords used by the competitors, there are quite a few tools or software which can be utilized to find and extract the data of the keywords used in the competitor’s application. In these software, the maximum number of relative keywords used is being categorized according to the strength of the words demand in the search engines and the mobile app stores.

Analyzing competitor keywords would be the foremost task to accentuate the application demand in the market.

Getting Keywords Data:

Obtaining and storing the keyword data ensures the idea of keyword trafficking which results in the optimal distinguishing of the high percentage keywords till the nil percentage keywords. The ASO Keyword research ensures to prioritize the demand of keywords to be used and at the same time, securing the keywords which have nil percentage to make an impact in the future of creating demand of the secured keywords in the mobile application store and in the search engine.
According to the application type, the search is categorized. For example, game application, educational application, and mobile optimizing application, etc. Proper holdings of the keyword data is very important to segment or to prioritize the keyword data collected which is to be used as the application title, or in the application description, etc.
The collected data can be used for the future projects as well, so if there is no traffic in the keyword or it has very minimum traffic demand can be increased as well.

Over To You

To conclude, all the developers and the promoters of the applications should identify the importance of the ASO Keyword Research as it plays a vital role in influencing the creation of application demand in the mobile application market. Though this researching takes time, the result of it is unavoidable. There are many ASO Keyword Research tools in the market which can be trusted to obtain and secure the keywords in such a way to emphasis importance of keywords usage in the application.